Apple’s iPad bodyCal2 Provides a BMR and BMI Calculator

bodyCal2 1.0 is a new application that is being released for the Apple iPad, which for any of you that jumped on board to pre-order should have any day now. bodyCal2 is a fitness calculator and health tracker for the iPad that allows you to calculate your body mass index (BMI) and basal metabolic rate (BMR) while tracking changes to these over time. Both BMI and BMR are important as they help provide a base for where your health currently stands.

What are BMI and BMR?

1) BMI is a common measurement that helps provide an analysis of your health. Depending on where you fall within the BMI range for your size/height you may experience an increased risk of developing certain conditions or diseases. For example, diabetes, cancer and heart disease can have increased chances if your body mass index is too high.

2) BMR uses your weight, height, age and gender, as well as the total calories (energy) to determine what your body’s needs are to maintain your current weight if you did not workout or have any physical activity. This number is important as it will help you figure out how many calories your daily intake should be to help you keep your weight or lose weight.

What will be great about the bodyCal2 application is through the use of calculating your BMR, which many health and fitness trackers do not take into account, you will able to calculate the calorie/energy needs  for your lifestyle. This will allow individuals who are more sedentary or slightly active to focus more on the amount and types of food they are eating versus an individual who is more active. Additionally, you will be able to track changes made to either your BMI or BMR and these can then be displayed on a graph so you can visually see how you are progressing and adjust to make any necessary changes.

This application has been said to be useful for those who simply are looking to monitor their calorie consumption, track changes in weight and even those who are following a program such as Weight Watchers.

bodyCal2 is also available for the iPhone OS 3.2 or later.

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