Angela and Nicolle’s X-Weighted Journey on OWN

Tune-in to the Oprah Winfrey Network this Tuesday, April 26 for the Angela and Nicolle’s story on X-Weighted. The Canadian weight loss reality show follows individuals as they seek to change their lives by shedding pounds and gaining confidence. The struggle isn’t always easy and X-Weighted takes an honest and sometimes even brutal look at the trials of dieting. Each episode follows an individual or family’s story.

In Tuesday’s episode is about Angela and Nicolle, two radio announcers who love to make wisecracks and joke around on air. As much fun as they have at work, they’re leading sedentary lives that lead to some serious weight gain. Nicolle is 35 years old and starts with a weight of 295 pounds. Angela is 33 year old and starts with a weight of 223.5 pounds. In this episode from season one, they team up to shed some weight and turn their lives around.

Tell us what you think! Is X-Weighted as good at The Biggest Loser?

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