Andrea Hough’s Biggest Loser Elimination Interview

This past week, Biggest Loser 9 contestant Andrea Hough was eliminated. Returning home after her elimination, her saddened mood was quickly uplifted once she was greeted by her family and friends, who had not seen her since her stay on the Biggest Loser Ranch. It was here that she fully realized just how far she has come on her transformative weight loss journey.

Her elimination did not come as a surprise to her. She knew it was coming and as she packed up her things from the Ranch, she harbored no hard feelings towards any of her fellow contestants who collectively decided to vote her off.

Andrea started the Biggest Loser 9 series at 298 pounds. Now back at home in Ann Arbor, Michigan cruising around in her new 2010 Mazda, which she won on the show, Andrea is now at 206 pounds, but she is not stopping there.  

Since she has been home, she has learned that her hometown of Ann Arbor is actually a very healthy town with numerous outdoor areas that Andrea takes advantage of to stay in shape. Despite her new wheels, she is quick to lace up her running shoes and walk to the grocery store to do her weekly shopping for healthy eats.

Listen here to learn how Andrea plans to inspire others with her weight loss story in her home state, Michigan, which has one of the highest obesity rates in the country. She also discusses her future plans for her having a family of her own one day.


She also has been busy corralling her friends and family to get in shape with her. From walks to hikes and long bike rides, her newly found perspective on life and health is affecting everyone in her social circle.

Her favorite healthy recipe at home is her own spicy chicken salad that has only 140 calories per cup. Made with celery, hard-boiled eggs, ginger-wasabi dressing and no salt, Andrea eats it over salad greens, whole-grain pasta, brown rice or in a wrap.

The temptation at home has been her diet. She hasn’t succombed to those temptations, but she applies a bit of healthy savvy when a craving hits for her favorite fried chicken wings. Instead she opts for grilled chicken strips dipped in hot sauce dressing as a way to quell her craving and give in to her temptation without guilt.

Her plan moving forward is to become a certified personal trainer and spin instructor. Right now, her personal trainer at home is also a certified spinning instructor, whom Andrea works with on a weekly basis.

In addition, she has a heartfelt passion for working with kids with special needs. Following in the footsteps of her mother, who is a school teacher, Andrea would like to incorporate her knowledge of fitness and health into the development of children with special needs as a way for them to be more active and experience the many health benefits of leading an active lifestyle.

Good luck Drea!

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