Almond Flour: The Nutritious Baking Secret

Having completed a gluten-free blog series focusing on celiac disease and gluten-free products and resources, I came across a new product that I had not tried yet. From the ingredients listed and reviews I read, I knew I had to try this one for myself.

Grain-free almond flour is a great new baking flour that is gluten-free, helps lower cholesterol, and is loaded with nutrition. From vitamin E to fiber, calcium and iron, I started to think if I baked with this flour it would be like cooking in Popeye’s kitchen as he eats his can of spinach. While all the benefits sounded great, I had to ensure that it tasted yummy too. There is nothing worse than a poor tasting cookie after all that work in the kitchen!

The first item I made was almond milk. The recipe is on the company’s website and was super simple to make. I’m a big fan of almond milk, since I’m lactose intolerant. The milk came out very smooth and tasted very fresh. My next test was cranberry muffins. The recipe provided was limited to eight ingredients, and all were natural, with no refined sugar! The muffins came out nice and moist, not dried out as some other alternative flours can end up when used for baking.

I also want to make sure to list the ingredients for almond flour: whole blanched almonds. That’s it. So, you’re getting all the nutrition from the almonds themselves. I love this for both gluten-free eaters, and those who don’t have to avoid gluten. I am going to continue experimenting with the flour. I think my next round in the kitchen will be either carrot muffins or a pizza crust. As a gluten-free eater myself, when I find a great pizza crust to make at home, for me, that is bliss. I will provide an update on how it turns out. Until then, happy baking, and let me know what you think of this alternative flour.

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