5 Make-Ahead Breakfast Recipes for the Anti-Morning Person

Some people just aren’t chipper in the mornings. Can you imagine that? I’m certainly not one of those kinds. I perk up in the waking hours of the day and feel most productive when I rise with the sun.

But for others, the sheer act of rising out of bed or putting on a shirt seem impossible before the noon hour. Or at least without the help of some seriously stout coffee.

One author, T. Susan Chang, confessed this describes her to a ‘T’ in a recent article from  NPR’s Kitchen Window. She described her night-owl self as “clumsy in the morning, and always running late – so making a plate of eggs or baking a muffin or frying sausage…would have been hazardous as well as time consuming. For years,” she said, “I knew no breakfast.”

But at some point in her morning-hating life, she had a revelation. She realized that she could spend the last few hours of her day in the evening, when she had perhaps the most energy, preparing breakfast for the day ahead. And so, she naturally turned to overnight breakfast.

Overnight breakfasts, she says, ‘takes advantage of the fact that many recipes fall naturally into two parts; one being chopping and prepping and mixing, and the second being the application of heat. The first requiring attention to detail, the other, the turning of a knob.’

Some of Chang’s overnight breakfast favorites became muesli, made by simply soaking oats in apple juice; breakfast rolls with nuts and cranberries; and decadent baked french toast with hazelnut topping – all of which sound incredibly complicated but when divided into two parts, make the latter as simple as heating the dish and consuming. Finally, morning relief.

If you’re not much of a morning person either, take heart, because we’ve created a healthy recipe round-up of breakfast dishes that can be prepared mostly the night before and require only brief preparation the next morning, granting you more sleep and relief from any zombie-like agony you may face in the wee hours of the morning.

Homemade Greek Yogurt

Healthy ‘Banilla’ Breakfast Shake

Overnight Oats

Overnight Breakfast Pizza

Oatmeal Fruit Breakfast Cookies

Armed with these recipes, breakfast for the anti-morning person is all of the sudden possible again. Dig into these tasty – and surprisingly health dishes  – and start reclaiming a proper start to your day.

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