Vtrim Expands Its Behavioral Approach to Weight Loss Online

Vtrim LogoVtrim is a behavioral weight loss program that was developed at the University of Vermont, which uses evidence-based and researched techniques to help participants make lasting and meaningful changes to their health. The program recently announced a licensing agreement with entrepreneur Krista Conley Lincoln, who will help bring Vtrim’s online program to more people nationally. Lincoln is now CEO of the new company Vtrim Online Solutions.

Vtrim is a solution with a track record for delivering results when it comes to sustainable weight loss and increased health,” said Lincoln in the press release. “I am delighted to have the opportunity to lead such a talented team, and I want to thank the University leadership and Dr. Harvey-Berino for their confidence in me.”

Participants enroll in a 12-week online program, available to anyone across the country. Classes are held each week with 12 to 20 participants and are led by a Vtrim facilitator. Each class addresses a specific topic that can help you form healthy habits, and these concepts are reinforced with group activities. Those who sign up will also receive individual guidance from their facilitator.

According to the company, 83 percent of participants succeed in losing five to ten percent of their body weight.

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