Upper division weight loss

If you follow this blog, you know I’m back in school.  Like alot of returnees, I realized that my successful career was going to eventually reach an endpoint, when I got too old to wear a bistro apron and manage people young enough to be my kids.Don’t get me wrong, I *totally* relate to the younger-than-me generation, as I refuse to grow up (fully).  So being back in school has me thinking; how can I use what I know now, and do it better than I did before?So this time, I’m taking advantage of a generous financial aid package, and am signing up for a unit of P.E. Yep, P.E.! Three days a week, I will drag my happy you-know-what down to my college gym, and grunt and groan through what the catalog description refers to as “Boot Camp.” I can  honestly say that I would never have considered going back to school to get back into shape.  But get back into shape is exactly what I intend to do.  This is one sure way to make sure those student loans pay-off for life.Stay tuned for updates.

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