Tune In: Jill Knapp, Weight Loss Success Story on The Dr. Oz Show

Jill Knapp and Dr. Oz

Tune in this Thursday, March 4 to The Dr. Oz Show when DietsInReview.com’s guest blogger and weight loss success story Jill Knapp discusses her amazing 100 pound weight loss.

After losing 100 pounds, Jill went on to place in the top five of the Mrs. Idaho International pageant and is now a motivational speaker and diabetes advocate.

Dr. Oz was so impressed by Jill’s story that not only did he invite her to be on his show, but he also asked her to serve as a mentor to three former beauty pageant contestants who after winning their title, gained a significant amount of weight.

To read more about Jill, you can visit her website, Get Up and Get Moving.

Thursday’s show will also bring awareness to sleep-eating disorders, a condition that affects thousands of Americans each night.

Check your local listings for exact show times.

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