The Food Life Project Offers Hands-On Diet and Health Coaching

In a sea of diet fads and magic weightloss pills, The Food Life Project is a breath of fresh air. It’s a practical, hands-on program all about real people, real food, and real nutrition – no pills, scams or fads about it.

Alison Lewis is the woman behind the project and she’s plenty well qualified for it, too. Among other accomplishments, she’s a culinary nutritionist, cookbook author, blogger, mom of three, and president of her own food media consulting company called Ingredients, Inc.

Alison created the Food Life Project as an extension of her company to educate people in a more personal way about how to utilize food, nutrition and fitness to bring value to their everyday lives. She was inspired to start the project during her time spent at speaking events for corporations, business groups and fitness studios. People would come up to her afterwards asking for more information and help with shopping, cooking, and eating healthy, and she felt there was such a great need in this area that the idea practically bore itself.

The Food Life Project is a culinary coaching business that encompasses grocery store tours, kitchen and pantry cleanses, private cooking classes, individual health/wellness coaching, and small group webinar series coaching. Depending on which service you sign you up for, you’ll receive coaching from Alison via phone, skype, webinar, and even in person.

One of the things Alison wants people to know most about Food Life is that it’s not a diet plan. It teaches people how to choose real food, utilize easy diet tips, and eat and cook to look, feel and perform their very best. “I’m hoping to offer people a healthy ‘road map’ to being healthier, eating better and living,” she said. And if you sign up, you’ll receive an incredible amount of Alison’s personal services, including:

  • Easy diet tips
  • A lesson on super foods
  • Good-for-you breakfast and lunch on-the-go suggestions
  • Slimming healthy foods and foods to boost your metabolism
  • Recipes, menu plans, travel and entertaining ideas

With the first webinar series launching the week of March 26, Alison is hopeful that The Food Life Project will be well received. “I want people to learn that health and diet really start in the grocery cart. And that eating and living healthier doesn’t have to be harder or more expensive.”

More detailed information, including services and pricing, can be found at

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