Stephanie Anderson’s Biggest Loser Elimination Interview

Biggest Loser 9 contestant Stephanie Anderson was eliminated this past Tuesday, March 30 after a week that was full of drama, drama and more drama.

Now that Stephanie and Sam’s relationship is public knowledge, Stephanie’s life continues to change and unfold before her.

Listen here to learn how stress has affected Stephanie’s weight loss and whether the drama between her, Ashley, Andrea and Koli has been resolved.

Even though many people are buzzing about her and Sam’s relationship, she was happy that it was kept private until just last week. Partners in love and in weight loss, they spend much of their time together hiking and taking spinning classes. Even though Stephanie is a stiletto-wearing girlie-girl, she has found a new love for the outdoors, whether it’s trekking around the hills of Los Angeles or going for long bike rides.

Since she has started, she has lost 82 pounds. Currently she weighs 182 pounds and her goal is to be in the 150s with a healthy and fit body. Her intention is not to become super skinny, but rather to reach a weight that is healthy for her age and height.

She says that other than eating an extra 150 calories on a few random days, since she has left the Biggest Loser Ranch, she has been diligent with her eating plan. She has enjoyed a few bites of ice cream every now and then, not a quart, and has completely avoided fast-food restaurants.

As a generally positive person, Stephanie always felt that she wasn’t genuinely happy, even though she had so much in her life to be thankful for. But since being on the Biggest Loser and losing the weight, she has finally found genuine happiness and a sincere comfort in her own skin. In fact, she isn’t the only one to notice; her friends and family comment on how her weight loss glow radiates from the inside out.

“This is my forever and that brings me ultimate joy,” says Stephanie.

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