Seth Rogen Gains Weight Back

Seth Rogen’s weight loss has become just as much a part of the comic star’s persona as his everyman appeal on the big screen. While he’s made news for his valiant efforts to slim down, this time around, it may not be good news.

A few years back, Rogen got down to business and lost a bunch of weight in preparation for a role for the lead in The Green Hornet. It was a success, and he slimmed down to the almost unrecognizable person that we’ve finally gotten used to seeing now. However, he may now be going in the wrong direction.

“I’m slowly outgrowing all the clothes I bought last year,” he says. “It’s a sad thing. I gave away all my fat clothes, thinking ‘I won’t need these anymore,’ but I do!”

While this news would normally be greeted with a sense of sadness, someone like Seth Rogen can easily disarm the situation with his natural charm. When asked if there was one food in particular that was responsible for his weight gain, he simply replied: “No, just all of them!”

It’s uncertain how much weight he’s gained back.


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