MyNetDiary May Be A Step Above Other Diet Trackers

MyNetDiary is a food diary and calorie counter available online or through a mobile app. Diet tracking apps are very popular and there are several on the market. MyNetDiary feels they have one of the best on the market and they took some time to explain why they feel this way.

“The power of MyNetDiary’s detailed food and exercise tracking service is its ability to document precisely what we eat, how many calories we burn and even when we eat,” explains Katherine Isacks, Registered Dietitian with MyNetDiary, “and people can track calories on-the-go with MyNetDiary’s mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry.”

These functions sound similar to most tracking apps. However, Isacks explained how NyNetDiary takes extra steps in ensure accuracy as many tracking sites allow for user-entered totals on many dishes and foods.

“I absolutely love our humongous database. I can pretty much find any food I want (generic, brand, and restaurant foods).  If I bring up a ‘user contributed’ food versus a system-entered and quality assured food, I can easily identify it as such, and check and edit the values for accuracy. When I played with the other apps, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out which items where user-entered (which means a higher risk of inaccurate values) and which were system-entered.”

The accuracy of calories is a major plus as one of the biggest criticisms of other trackers is the inaccurate totals contributed by users. Another element that seems to really set MyNetDiary apart is their ability to track more than just calories. Nutritional values are available from the app. This allows for those following a specific diet, such as the popular DASH Diet, to get the high potassium, calcium, protein, and fiber they need. Furthermore, MyNetDiary aims to teach the user about total nutrition, not just calories or a point system so that they can go on to read labels and make healthy choices based on nutrition.

“While points will help people make choices based upon calories, they are not as helpful when you’re standing in the grocery aisle trying to choose between two types of breakfast cereals. However, knowing how to decipher calories, fat, carbs and other nutrients on the spot can help you make the right choice,” said Isacks.

When help and advice is needed, MyNetDiary aims to be above the other apps and online programs as well. Isacks explained how she and her support staff are online to help answer users questions.

“I am online 4-6 days a week to moderate for nutrition-related content. Nutrition and weight control is an area rife with misinformation so it is important that people have access to evidence-based information. Our forum users can also ask me direct questions on a devoted thread (“Ask a Dietitian”).  I am not aware of any other tracker that has a dietitian moderating the forum threads on a daily basis.”

With all these tools, one can still wonder if it actually helps in meeting a health goal. Isacks wondered the same thing before she came on staff with the company.

“Before I agreed to consult with MyNetDiary, I used their system to experience it myself. I loved it so much that I started tracking then and have continued to do so now for 3 years! The caloric goal setting is accurate and helped me lose to my goal weight and I have been maintaining at goal weight for just over 2 years.”

MyNetDiary does offer a free app and an advanced membership at a cost of $60 a year. The advanced membership allows for more customization and flexibility.

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