Meet Denise Austin in an Exclusive Twitter Party!

She’s one of the most renowned fitness experts in the country, and her name is synonymous with working out. You’ll have a chance to meet Denise Austin live on Twitter through an exclusive party with!
You’ll have a chance to hear directly from Denise about her newest book, Side Effect: Skinny. Denise’s fitness philosophy, and even ask her your fat burning questions!

Where: Use hashtag #DeniseAustin

Who: Follow @DeniseAustin_ and @DietsInReview

When: Tuesday, March 5, 2013 at 8:00p CST

Giveaways: 10 copies of Denise’s new book, Side Effect: Skinny, will be given out with DIR schwag!

Join us for a fun-filled, lively conversation with Denise right on Twitter. If toned tummies, thighs, and hips are what you’re after, then Denise has a fitness-fueled prescription for that and she’ll share the secrets Tuesday night only on #DeniseAustin!

Ten followers will win their own copy of Side Effect: Skinny and quickly put in to practice all you learn from Denise.

Get a sneak peek in our recent interview: 7 Questions About Denise Austin’s 7 Skinny Strategies.

Other featured Tweeps you’ll find at the party include:












… with more to come!

We’ll see you Tuesday night on #DeniseAustin!


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