Lean Cuisine Recalled for Chunks of Plastic

by Descygna Webb

Nestle Prepared Foods has recalled over 10,000 pounds of Lean Cuisine frozen spaghetti and meatball meals amidst a mountain of complaints received from consumers in Minnesota. Lean Cuisine sites the possible presence of foreign materials as the cause for the recall, according to the Department of Agriculture.

Although there is only a remote possibility of adverse health consequences if people consume the product, a recall was still necessary. Some complaints involve finding hard plastic in the frozen meals. All of the products in question were sold east of the Rocky Mountains in 9.5 ounce containers. The title shows “Lean Cuisine Simple Favorites, Spaghetti with Meatballs” and the establishment number on these recalled meals is EST 7991, with “best before” dates of November 2011.

Be sure to check the products in your freezer for this information.

Via Reuters

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