Kraft Fresh Take Commercials Bring Real Food to the Spotlight

The other night my husband and I were knee deep into one of our favorite sitcoms on Hulu when a commercial interrupted our program. This is usually the opportune time for me to take a bathroom or wine break since I’m generally put off by commercials. They all tend to be a bit on the cheesy side, altogether irrelevant, or completely disconnected from reality. I blame it on the overdone drug commercials, but they’re all pretty bad if you ask me.

But this commercial by Kraft Foods struck a different chord with me and caught me by surprise with its message of cooking real food. Quite the revolutionary idea, isn’t it?

From what I gather, Kraft is about real food and that’s a principle they’ve modeled most of their products after. I’m not saying they’re all perfect, some containing ingredients I’m not 100 percent on board with. But I appreciate that they’re trying to create more wholesome products that can be used in conjunction with fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins to help their customers create healthy, satisfying meals for the whole family. Any time someone is in the kitchen instead of in a restaurant, that’s progress to me.

One of Kraft’s newest products is “Fresh Take” – a blend of cheese, spices and breadcrumbs. The cheese and breadcrumbs come in separate pouches and once you break the seal, you simply mix the two together before adding them to your recipe, making them convenient and easy to use.

Kraft touts Fresh Take products can be added to just about anything, from pork chops to stuffed shells, chicken parmesan to twice baked potatoes. I have my eye on the Smoky Mesquite Pork Chops Over Couscous, and I’m not even a big pork fan!

Fresh Take sparked my interest because I’m always looking for big, bold flavor. Just ask my mom who’s always cautioned me to use “not so much!” salt and spice when I’m cooking. I can’t help it, though. When she’s not looking, you better believe I always add a few more shakes.

While I haven’t tried Kraft Fresh Take products yet, I certainly intend to. And it’s not because I’ve been persuaded by a well-produced commercial (though it didn’t hurt). It’s because I appreciate companies  – especially big, influential ones like Kraft – that encourage people to cook real foods at home for the health and wellness of their familes. Now that’s a movement I can get behind.

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 image from Kraft

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