Kevin Federline to Shape Up on Celebrity Fit Club

Celebrity reality shows are one the great train wrecks of current pop culture. If the subjects aren’t simply celebrity has-beens from long-gone eras, they are those who have continued to hang by their fingernails onto their need to be famous.

VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club 7 (wow, there were six others?!) parades out a few stars of yesteryear (Bobby Brown, Sebastian Bach of Skid Row, Nicole Eggert of Baywatch). But. Then there are those people who are famous for being on a different TV show, which by today’s standards makes you a star! That’s right, people like Tanisha Thomas and Jay McCarroll are now career reality TV personalities. Hey, it’s a living I guess.

Other people on this season of Celebrity Fit Club include Shar Jackson and Kaycee Stroh, who I guess you would call D-list celebs. And oddly, the most compelling personality on the show is Kevin Federline. K-Fed was always an easy target as Mr. Britney Spears, but in his post-Brit life I’ve found him a little sympathetic. First, he seemed to be the lesser of the two evils in the child custody fight. Then, he was able to poke fun at himself in a Super Bowl commercial.

So, when he was the butt of all the tabloid jokes when he put on a few pounds in recent years, I almost felt a little sorry for him. And in this episode he seemed the most well-adjusted in the pack.

K-Fed recently did an interview with Entertainment Weekly and reminisced about what he learned from the experience. “They really taught me what kind of calorie intake I should be taking in every day.”

And while he was a dancer in his younger days when he met Britney, getting older makes it tougher to eat whatever you want and have a washboard stomach. “When I was dancing, I was dancing so much that I could eat whatever I wanted. I’m a lot older now so it’s harder, and I can’t go out and eat junk food, hamburgers, and pizza and all that stuff without actually seeing it on my stomach.”

My wife and I sat and watched our first episode of Celebrity Fit Club. I would never ever think to watch a show like this, but in watching it for Diets in Review, I’m afraid that the train wreck might have sucked me in. And if I never watch another episode of Celebrity Fit Club, I’ve learned one thing – K-Fed isn’t a tool.

(via: PopWatch)

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