Jaqueline Laurita Drops 50 Pounds on Medifast Diet

Real Housewives of New JeaseyThis week, Jacqueline Laurita of Real Housewives of New Jersey showed off her new slimmer look in New York City. According to a press release, Jacqueline lost 50 pounds of post-baby weight using the Medifast diet. She even says she dropped 12 pounds in her first two weeks.

Many people find success on the Medifast plan, in part due to its convenient, packaged foods. On the Medifast diet, you will eat five small Medifast meals throughout the day and then prepare yourself a “lean and green” dinner. This dinner consists of lean protein and lots of greens and vegetables, that you can eat either raw or cooked. There are many items to choose from when it comes to your five Medifast meals, including bars, shakes, puddings, and soups.

Of course, no healthy weight loss program is complete without plenty of physical activity. Regular workout have also helped Jacqueline get into shape after giving birth to her son Nicholas in June of 2009. She says she feels more comfortable around cameras now that she’s in better shape, and is excited for the new season to air later this year.

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