In case you needed another reason to lose weight

Motivation to lose weight is a fragile thing. In the diet industry, we call it “tension”. Also known as that precise moment when you say, “Ugghh, I can’t deal with this weight anymore”, and you decide to do something about it. Research shows us that tension doesn’t last very long; that’s the reason that when you call a weight loss program, they want you to come in “today” to get started, because tomorrow is another day.

Think of it like a rubber band, that when stretched tight, represents when you are most motivated.

Well, let’s just say I got my rubber band stretched when I read an article about insurance companies imposing higher insurance premiums on people considered obese according to BMI measurements. As someone who rides that line with the best of them, at 5’4″ and either 147 lbs (summer) or 160 lbs (winter), I did the math and realized that my annual post-holiday “padding” could be costing me in more ways than one.

I don’t know about you, but that is all the motivation I need to hit the pool today.

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