Healthy March Madness Game Day Snacks

Often, game days are associated with fried and fattening foods like buffalo wings, French fries and pizza. With March Madness well underway, you might be feeling the urge to indulge by halftime but that’s no excuse to forget about the diet goals you set at the New Year.

While the occasional indulgence is allowed – and in fact encouraged by many nutrition professionals – you can easily slim down your game day menu by replacing full-fat dairy products for reduced-fat and opting for vegetables as dippers instead of chips or carb-laden crackers.

Also, cook at home instead of grabbing fare at a local sports bar so you can trim the fat and calories from some of your favorites.

Biggest Loser Guacamole: If you’re channeling the contestants from the Biggest Loser, replace your usual chips and dip with Adam Hurtado’s guacamole. The season 10 star uses black beans, roasted corn and Greek yogurt to add flavor and textures.

Chorizo Nachos: You’ll be shocked by how good these nachos are – and how well they stack up to the nachos you’ve probably eaten at your favorite bar and grill. Instead of mountains of cheese, Chef Devin Alexander uses homemade chorizo for flavor along with a little bit of salsa con queso for the flavor you know and love.

Pesto Pizzettas: Perfect for portion control, make miniature pizzas this year instead of ordering delivery. Top pre-cooked polenta rounds with heart-healthy veggies to satisfy your pizza cravings and eke in a serving or two of greens.

Stuffed Mushrooms: These mushrooms are stuffed with everything you could want – with a lot less fat and calories than typical finger foods.

Chili Cheese Hot Dog: If the final four has you craving a stadium hot dog, go all out! Use your favorite low-fat or low-carb toppings to recreate a healthier version of the March Madness must-have in your very own kitchen.

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