Grammy Winner Adele Quits Smoking and Takes Up Pilates

After undergoing surgery to repair damaged vocal cords, the young and talented Grammy winner Adele was threatened by a minor health scare that prompted her motivation to start up an exercise program and quit smoking. Bound to take better care of her health, Adele decided to try Pilates.

In keeping with her down to earth and realistic view of the world and herself, Adele wants us all to know that her yearning to drop two dress sizes is not born out of pressure from her critics, but rather is sparked by a genuine desire to be a little healthier and feel better too. So far, as a result of her hard work, sources claim the famed artist has had more energy and even plans to take up jogging.

I love it. As someone who plays a lot of Adele in Pilates classeses that I teach, I am more than tickled to know that she too is out there somewhere working hard at her best double leg stretch, criss cross and teaser. But, what is even more attractive about this idea is that her intention is to feel better, shed a few pounds and be a little healthier, rather than shrink down to an unmanageable size and weight.

Hooray for Adele. My hope is that many more women, and men, will follow her lead and join an exercise class with the desire to feel better on the inside, rather that try to fit an image on the outside. Weight loss benefits aside, if the goal is to feel good and be a little healthier then the time spent exercising will not be wasted. If more people took the time to honor themselves and not be so consumed by body image, we might all be a bit happier.

The days of striving for an unrealistic Barbie Doll body by working out to extremes and following a diet that wouldn’t even nourish your goldfish are fading quickly. Take a look around you and see what’s happening in the lives of successful and happy women. Carrying around a few extra pounds is not a crime when health and happiness is a priority. The day women stop obsessing about their weight is the day a lot of women will finally be able to feel good about themselves.

Thank you Adele for taking care of your health and especially for not falling victim to the pressures of the industry. Hopefully your honest, genuine and real approach will catch on because it is about time for a change and it’s going to take “someone like you” to make it happen.

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