Foodzy Food Tracking Puts the User in Control

By now we all know, “there’s an app for that,” right? There’s a mobile application for nearly everything now, and diet and health are no exception. Foodzy believes they have a unique app that will set them apart from all the other diet and health tracking apps.

Foodzy calls themselves a “social food game for web and mobile.” Foodzy allows a user to keep track of what they eat and drink every day. The idea is that Foodzy will give the user insight to their eating habits and in return they will earn badges, stats, and high-scores. The program uses gamification principles similar to Foursquare, however, the badges are designed to encourage healthy eating choices and provide encouragement.

Now, this doesn’t sound too different to many of the other food tracking apps on the market. However, Foodzy says they are different because they have simplified the process. Through simplifying the food database to local products, keeping all searches in one language, and storing your favorite items, Foodzy feels this will eliminate users giving up on their diet tracking.

Foodzy is also very excited about their “eatzies” feature. This feature allows users to create their own meal, with all its separate ingredients, and store it and share it with just one click.

The most unique concept about this social food tracker is that it’s not about losing weight. Foodzy focuses on what type of food you eat, how much you drink, and allowing the user to self-monitor their habits. Foodzy can connect with hardware devices such as Withings and Fitbit. These options allow the user to fully monitor their complete health all in one place and allow them to decide what choices they need to make for better health.

Foodzy shares many similar concepts of the other popular health apps. However, the game play, and the social aspect are unique. Their focus on the user being in control and not experiencing an app telling them how much to eat in order to lose weight, is perhaps, their most unique aspect.

Anytime knowledge is given to an individual, they have the opportunity to do positive things with that knowledge. Hopefully, Foodzy can help stimulate a much needed healthy change in our struggling society.

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