Dr. Oz Promotes Life Line Screening’s 6 For Life Disease Risk Assessment

Today on The Dr. Oz Show unsuspecting viewers receive surprise “health ambushes” from the Doc. Dr. Oz surprises people all over the country and assesses them by screening them with products from Life Line Screening. Life Line Screening has developed a fantastic screening test called “6 For Life.” This test may be able to save lives of the guests on the show and the lives of the viewers at home.

Throughout the show Dr. Oz discusses some of the biggest health issues many Americans face. He even refers to some as “silent killers,” as they have no strong warning signs.

Life Line Screening has a company mission to make people aware of unrecognized health problems and encourage personal physician follow-up care. To screen individuals, advanced ultrasound equipment is used by trained healthcare professionals. The results are reviewed by board-certified physicians to guarantee high standards. Life Line Screening has been active since 1993. In that time they have screened over 6 million people and have helped saved thousands of lives.

The “6 For Life” assessment uses a scientific tool and quantitative data to calculate a person’s risk of particular diseases and conditions. The data includes factors like age, weight, cholesterol, glucose levels, and family history of disease.

The “6 for Life” Risk Assessment includes a comprehensive risk analysis for:

If the test yields warning signs, Life Line Screening can assist in teaching what can be done to control or modify risk factors and improve overall health.

As Dr. Oz meets a viewer and runs the screening test. He’s able to immediately assess that she’s at a critical level and needs immediate care. The Life Line Screening test may literally save a viewer’s life on today’s Dr. Oz Show.

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