Dr. Oz Exposes American Moms’ Dangerous Pill Craze

This Thursday, Dr. Oz and fellow guests will shed light on a new underground craze among mothers in our country. The show is titled, Mother’s Little Helper: The Dangerous Diet Craze Sweeping America.

Dr. Oz will speak with women from across the nation as they explain their obsession with a new pill popping fad. These women will admit to feeling energy boosts, increased concentration, and some women will discuss how the pills have helped them lose weight.

Dr. Oz will interview one pill-using mother who said, “I feel focused, have more energy, and feel like super mom.” Another mother shares how she’s already lost 35 pounds while using the pills and yet another mom simply states, “I really can’t imagine my life without being on this.”

Dr. Oz will reveal what these pills are and where mothers are getting them. He’ll also explain what they are and what they do.
Guest Dr. Mike Dow will chime in on these pills too. Dr. Dow is a respected expert in the fields of relationships, food, and behavior. He is the author of Diet Rehab and the host of several therapy television shows. Together, the doctors will hopefully bring truth to the situation.

Dr. Dow makes it very clear, “these are very addictive drugs.”

The doctors and guests will enlighten all to what Dr. Oz is calling “the dirty little secret” that is lingering in many towns and cities. Find out what this dangerous new addition is all about on The Dr.Oz Show,  Thursday, March 22, 2012.

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