Dr. Oz and Chris Powell Explain How to Lose Weight with Carbs

Anyone who’s ever tried to lose weight has heard that carbohydrates are a no-no. Dr. Oz and his guest are out to explain a new plan that says otherwise. Wednesday’s show is titled, “Cut Your Carb Cravings in One Week: The Revolutionary Plan for Weight Loss.”

Dr. Oz welcomes Chris Powell, the hottest new health guru and transformation specialist, to the show to help explain how carbs are part of a healthy diet plan. Together the two will also explain the 1 week plan to break carb addictions and begin weight loss.

As he explained why ditching carbs altogether is a huge diet mistake, Powell shows the audience some diet secrets and explains, “you’re ever going to fall off your diet if you do this.”

The tips will include ways to boost metabolism, burn more fat, and how to use carbs to win the war against weight.

Dr. Tanya Edwards, noted physician at the Center for Integrative Med, Cleveland Clinic, will join the show. Dr. Edwards clinical interests include nutrition for the prevention and treatment of chronic illnesses. She will weigh in on this diet discussion.

Rob Turek will also join the show. Turek is a returning guest who is known for being the bartender who serves up anti-aging cocktails. Maybe the barkeep has created some new mixes for this episode.

Catch it all and learn the revolutionary new diet plan to rescue your waistline with carbs on Wednesday, March 7th.

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