Don’t Eat That iPhone App Reveals Food Ingredients and Additives

As we all become more conscientious of the foods we’re eating and thus the ingredients that make up those foods, it certainly helps to have an ally, and the Don’t Eat That iPhone app aims to be that for consumers. While it often takes some level of formal study to read and understand the ingredient label on most packaged foods, the Don’t Eat That iPhone app simplifies the process by providing a database of more than 1,500 food ingredients and additives to help you identify the good from the bad. All at the slide of your index finger.

Listed alphabetically in a number of categories, the food additives and ingredients are searchable and clearly identify the “safe” ingredients in black and the “harmful” ingredients in red. Even better, you can select each of the ingredients to view a new screen that offers a definition or explanation of what it is, how it is used and what the problem is.

You can search the broad list of “All Ingredient Names,” or you can narrow your search by some of the more specific categories, like “Harmful to Kids,” “Carcinogens,” “Genetically Modified,” or “Allergies.” There is even a list of “Banned Ingredients” that should certainly raise some red flags if you find them listed on any food labels.

The Don’t Eat That iPhone app, which runs $1.99, was created sourcing the FDA, American Cancer Society, and World Health Organization, among others.

Watch this demo to get a preview of how the app works, and then put it to use the next time you’re grocery shopping.

Get the Don’t Eat That iPhone app.

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