Cheryl George’s Biggest Loser Elimination Interview

She might have arrived at the Biggest Loser ranch appearing quiet and meek, but that side of Cheryl George didn’t last long. Only as long as it took trainer Jillian Michaels to get her in the gym and force her to face her inner demons. The result? A banshee-like scream from Cheryl asserting “I’m ready!”. She hasn’t backed down since, making her healthy new lifestyle a priority, especially now that she’s at home.

“I don’t think I’ll have any problem [maintaining at home]” says Cheryl, following her elimination in week eight. She says she knew it was going to be her week to go home, due to the alliances and relationships existing on the black team. But she was OK with it then and she’s OK with it now.

Listen now as Cheryl tells us how she manages in the real world, and how she seeks “enjoyment classes” at the gym.

Cheryl says she lives at home just like she did at the ranch – focused on clean eating and burning more calories than she consumes. And while she can’t spend eight hours a day in the gym like she did on the show, she still manages a three-hour workout each day. She enjoys a variety of classes at her gym, and does a fitness bootcamp.

Another exciting part of her new lifestyle is her wardrobe. Following her elimination we saw her face the emotional task of cleaning out all of her old clothes (donating them to a local church). “It was a big thing for me,” she says. “The thought of going back to that? I never want to look like that again.”

Cheryl says she’s already changed sizes three times since being home, so she’s not doing a lot of shopping these days. When she does, it’s at discount stores because she knows she won’t remain this size. However, she does have big shopping spree plans in store for herself, “When I’ve finally come to my maintenance weight I’ll do a lot of shopping.” Cheryl says she’s never been to a Macy’s so she’d like to go there.

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