4 Reasons You Should Start Tracking Your Workouts

By Jeffrey Crews for WeightTraining.com

Exercise is crucial for a healthy body. However, exercise often takes a back seat in one’s daily routine. According to a study in 2008 by the BLS, only 20% of people over 15 years old exercised in the most active region of the United States. Clearly there is an eminent need for exercise in America. Rather than making up excuses, why not find ways to enjoy exercise? Tracking your workouts is one of the many things that can really help you start exercising and continue to improve. The following are four reasons everyone should track their workouts:

Show Where You Need Improvement

Tracking your workouts will allow you to look back and find the areas you could improve in. Fitting exercise into our busy schedules is not always easy. How can you make it easy to become healthier? Taking the time to track every workout allows you to see which exercises you are doing your best. You may find some areas that might need a little more work and be able to address them properly.

Show Areas You Have Excelled

There is nothing better than looking at certain tasks (workout, career, schoolwork, etc.) and realizing you have improved in every area within that task! Everyone wants to improve their fitness. After all, you do not want to be doing the same amount exercise you were doing when you were a little kid. Tracking your workouts will allow you to see the areas you have improved and will give you a sense of accomplishment. Now just because you improved does not mean you should stop improving….so no excuses!

Set Obtainable Goals

According to Jim Cathcart, “Most people aim at nothing in life and hit it with amazing accuracy.” Do not let this be said of your personal fitness. Track your workouts for a couple weeks; then go through and set achievable fitness goals. Keep track of your workouts while aiming to accomplish every workout goal. Working out without goals doesn’t accomplish much. Set your goals and track your workouts to maintain your health lifestyle.

Get the Right Health Statistics

Have you ever wondered what your overall fitness grade would be? Tracking your daily workouts will allow you to see exactly how healthy you are. Just think of all the health information that can be at your fingertips through tracking each workout. Want to know how many calories you burned a certain day? Maybe you want to see how much weight you have lost, or if your BMI is at a healthy level. Either way, tracking your workouts will allow you to maintain accurate health statistics.

These are just a few reasons to track your workouts. Whether you use a piece of paper, a mobile app, or a website workout tracker, you should make a point to track every workout from here on out with the goal of keeping the above information. Like we say at WeightTraining.com, “Better Data = Better Workouts”. Do you have specific fitness goals? What are your thoughts on tracking your workouts?

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