17 Day Diet Hits Amazon Today

The 17 Day Diet book coverOne of the most frequently asked questions we get about The 17 Day Diet is “Where can I buy the book?” Until now, the book was only available through the author’s website. Overwhelming demand for the book appears to have led to some delays in shipping.

The good news is that starting today, The 17 Day Diet is now available on Amazon. Hopefully, Amazon’s large-scale facilities will end the kinds of logistical problems we’ve had so many comments about.

So far, The 17 Day Diet has been the hit diet of 2011. Written by Dr. Mike Moreno, the book recommends following specific eating plans for 17 days for dramatic weight loss. In other words, you will change the way you eat every 17 days. The first cycle is very high in protein and veggies. From there, you will gradually re-introduce healthy grains back into your diet. There are four cycles in total, which promise to help you re-set and re-activate your metabolism.

Get The 17 Day Diet on Amazon here!

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