17 Day Diet Available on Amazon March 15

We’re barely through the first quarter of the year and 17 Day Diet is leading the charge as the year’s most popular diet. Released in November as a self-published title by Dr. Mike Moreno, he quickly got the attention of Dr. Phil and The Doctors. The 17 Day Diet has become the most sought-after weight loss plan for the new year. So popular in fact that Moreno’s self-publish supply couldn’t meet the 17 Day Diet book demand of customers.

Moreno will not stop self-publishing on Friday, March 4, 2011 and has turned rights for the book over to publishing giant Simon and Schuster. Previously the book was only available through the book’s site, but starting March 15, 2011, anxious customers can make a simple purchase on Amazon and other booksellers.

In fact, you can be amongst the first to receive the re-release of The 17 Day Diet if you pre-order today. You’ll get the same book everyone’s been raving about, the only difference will be a slightly different cover design.

The 17 Day Diet is a cyclical plan that changes every 17 days to keep your body guessing and from hitting those all-too-common weight loss plateaus. By the time you start the fourth cycle you should be ready to follow through on the maintenance plan. However, Moreno says you can start over at any point any time you like.

Pre-Order Your Copy of 17 Day Diet

Having trouble viewing? Watch the [17 Day Diet Interview video][1] here.

[1]: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytAk_Nbsnsk “17 day diet video”

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