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What is it?

Zyalix is an herbal male enhancement product aimed at creating bigger, harder erections and increased sexual stamina. The makers of Zyalix claim this product helps stimulate the production of sperm leading to more fulfilling orgasms.

Zyalix is intended to help reduce the effects of male aging, such as increased body fat, low libido and lethargy. Zyalix was designed as a safer alternative to testosterone replacement therapy and works to help stimulate the hormone’s production.

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Zyalix Ingredients and Side Effects

The makers of Zyalix have included an official label on the webpage, as well as a short blurb about each of the active ingredients included in the formula. Here’s a look at the ingredients and potential side effects of this formulation:

Epimedium Saw Palmetto L-Arginine Muira Puama
Tongkat Ali Asian Red Ginger Bioperine Gingko Biloba

Epimedium: A Chinese herb used to stimulate sexual desire, treat erectile dysfunction and reduce occurrence of premature ejaculation.

  • Side effects may include dizziness, nosebleeds, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headaches and thirst.
  • In some cases, epimedium may cause heart arrhythmia or irregular heartbeat. In rarer cases, epimedium has been linked to muscle spasms and breathing problems.

Tongkat Ali: A plant from Malaysia used to increase sexual performance and desire, stimulate sperm production and improve male fertility.

L-Arginine: L-arginine is an essential amino acid and precursor to nitric oxide, which brings blood to the brain, extremities and the penis, which improves the ability to produce and maintain an erection.

Gingko Biloba: A plant used to boost memory and cognition, as well as improve mood, gingko biloba may also help improve sexual desire in those with low libido.

Bioperine: A trademarked black pepper extract, Bioperine is used to help the body absorb nutrients more effectively after taking other supplements or eating nutrient–rich foods.

Asian Red Ginger: A variety of ginger grown in China used to alleviate stomach problems, pain, inflammation and more, this ingredient has a positive effect on the brain and nervous system.

Saw Palmetto: Typically used to reduce symptoms of an enlarged prostate, saw palmetto may have an effect on stimulating sexual desire.

  • Side effects may include vomiting, nausea, headaches, constipation or diarrhea. In some cases, saw palmetto may cause liver damage.

Muira Puama: A plant used to treat and prevent sexual issues like erectile dysfunction, low libido and premature ejaculation.

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Zyalix Quality of Ingredients

Looking at the ingredients used to make Zyalix, it’s clear this product is made from a number of ingredients known for their ability to deliver firmer erections and enhance the desire for sex.

Unfortunately, we didn’t like that this formula relies on epimedium as the primary means of delivering the advertised benefits, as there are some negative side effects that may occur with use. While epimedium is safe for most people, it may be risky for those suffering from heart conditions, as there’s a chance the ingredient may have some adverse effects on the heart.

Additionally, saw palmetto may pose some user risks. Though not very common, there is a chance saw palmetto could cause liver damage in high doses.

Besides the issues with the formula, the Zyalix webpage doesn’t offer much in terms of scientific information. There are no clinical studies performed on the formula, and it’s unclear who evaluated this product for consumer safety.

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The Price and Quality of Zyalix

Zyalix is available on the official product webpage, but the site does not disclose how much the product costs unless you enter your information. According to reports filed on the Better Business Bureau website, it seems the payment structure works by relying on consumers to give the company their information and from there, enrolls them in a monthly autopay cycle.

Nowhere does it mention the actual monthly cost of the product, yet the return policy states that cancellations may only be made up to 13 days after ordering the product, or are subject to a $19.95 restocking fee later on.

Zyalix appears to be engaging in some misleading marketing practices on their official site, and it seems like the product is not being sold elsewhere. For these reasons, we’d suggest trying a different supplement from a more transparent company.

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Business of Zyalix

The company that makes Zyalix appears to also go by the name Zyalix, and their contact information is as follows:

Phone: 866-542-9340

Address: 3201 W Hillsborough Ave

Tampa, FL 33684

Email: info@zyalix.com

The Zyalix website is full of graphics and prompts to purchase the product, but no visible pricing. The website showcases the product’s active ingredients and has a graphic that is meant to demonstrate how Zyalix works, and delivers the benefits advertised.

Unfortunately, Zyalix has not provided any actual science to back up the claims it makes to increase your penis size, improve libido and help you achieve harder, long lasting erections. The site features an image of a doctor with no name attached, nor any specific doctor endorsements.

The Zyalix site claims that this product is rated number one, but it’s not clear where this information comes from. There’s no link to an award or review, and upon looking into this company, even trying to find the official product website is a little bit difficult.

Between the spelling errors and the reckless claims, it’s hard to come away with a positive opinion of Zyalix and the company standing behind the product.

Upon further research, it seems that while this company is not Better Business Bureau accredited, the organization has awarded them with an F grade citing the following complaints, among others.

“I ordered the trial of Zialyx was charged $5 for shipping. Then, I was charged an additional $89 for the “trial”. I was charged again a month later. Customer service would not give me a refund, nor speak with someone who could.”

“I ordered the sample, which didn’t work, and cancelled within the timeframe listed on the site. I called the company, and they say they have of any charges. I got no response, aside from a blocked email notification.”

Customer Opinions of Zyalix

Based on the customer reviews we found for this product, it seems many users did not experience the results they had expected from taking Zyalix. Here’s a look at what past users had to say:

“I bought four bottles of Zyalix, and really regret it. After the first two months, I realized this wasn’t doing anything. This was a terrible investment, don’t do it.”

Unfortunately, there weren’t many reviews available from people who had tried Zyalix, despite the fact that it is currently available for sale, and has been for quite some time. The few reviews we saw suggested this product was not effective, with many users reporting no changes after using Zyalix as directed.

Based on the information that we do have about Zyalix, coupled with their negative track record with the Better Business Bureau, it is unclear whether or not it’s a good product, or one worth trying.

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Conclusion – Does Zyalix Work?

Based on the information outlined above, it isn’t exactly clear if Zyalix actually can deliver on the promises of bigger, longer lasting erections, higher sex drive or improved satisfaction in the bedroom. The one review we were able to locate suggested this product did not, but to be fair, we’re drawing from a very small sample size.

One thing is clear, this company is engaging in fraudulent business practices, to the point that they don’t even list the price of the product anywhere on the website. The complaints posted on the Better Business Bureau site have indicated that customer service is very hard to get a hold of, and that unsatisfied consumers, or those who did not appreciate enrollment in the misleading autopay system may not ever see a refund.

Based on this information, we do not recommend using Zialyx or doing business with this company at all.

After looking at a number of male enhancement options, our review team has found that Viritenz is the most effective supplement of its kind. Made with herbal ingredients like maca, tongkat ali, tribulus terrestris and more, users can expect to see a variety of sexual benefits without any adverse effects.

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