Wanderlust Yoga Festival Offers Yoga, Music, Wine and Gourmet Organics

It is no wonder some yogis these days have acquired rock star status. There are places where yoga enthusiasts eager to deepen their practice can not only take a class from their most praised yoga teacher, they can do it along a backdrop of musical talents such as Ani Difranco, Ziggy Marley, and the Thievery Corporation. As modern yoga teachers join forces with hip and groovy musicians, the old days of dry, serious, and esoteric yoga gatherings make way for the new age, trendy yoga festivals where everyone can feel like a rock star.

Wanderlust, a mind-blowing music and yoga extravaganza, began as a reason to throw a really fun party and invite people who share like-minded ideals such as yoga, the arts, spirituality, environmentalism and sustainability, and organic farming. Husband and wife duo Jeff Krasno and Schuyler Grant put their heads together with their good friend from college, Sean Hoess, and the dream of creating something profound and enlightening became a reality.

Taking place in the gorgeous settings of Vermont, Colorado, California, and Canada, Wanderlust not only combines yoga with music, it also brings in top chefs and wine makers. A typical day might include taking power yoga with Baron Baptiste and then dancing to the trance-like sounds of the Thievery Corporation. Or perhaps you gain motivation from the brilliant karma yogi activist Seane Corn while she shares the stage with poet, composer, and musician Michael Franti. However you choose to spend your day, know that you can also be sipping organic wine and tasting professionally prepared gourmet food whenever the mood strikes.

This indeed does sound like a dream come true. If you were to hear someone describe their experience at Wanderlust, you might think they had died and gone to heaven. Set in the most picturesque places on the planet, the awe-inspiring natural beauty surrounding each festival offers plenty of space for nature enthusiasts to lace up their hiking boots or clip into their mountain bike pedals and explore their surroundings.

But, participants don’t just take in the experience for their own gain; they learn, create and contribute by interacting with scholars and experts as an additional component of the event. For example, workshops, lectures and demonstrations are all available for inspired yogis to share or deepen their knowledge of wine making, cooking, organic gardening, and art.

As for the name Wanderlust, the creators feel it necessary to, “always let yourself wander, because life’s most beautiful moments come in the spaces.” So if you find yourself wandering to Wanderlust this year, be sure to take advantage of all that is offered.

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