The Doctors Explore the Science of Love for Valentine’s Day

The Doctors are going to get us all in the mood for love this Valentine’s Day with a jam packed episode planned for February 14th as they dive into the science behind love.

The Doctors will be welcoming back “Sexpert” Dr. Ruth Westheimer. Dr. Ruth will be addressing the audience’s most curious sex questions.

Amongst the advice from Dr. Ruth, The Doctors will be giving quite a bit of their own. Keeping with the romance theme, the benefits of making out will be explained. Did you know that kissing releases the “love hormone” oxytocin? Or how about the fact that the lips have 100 times more the nerve endings than the fingertips? They also determine making out can slim you. A couple makes out the entire episode while hooked up to heart monitors and calorie counters and burn a whopping 575 calories!

Dr. Ordon will chime in with ways to get the skin ready for your big Valentine’s Day date. He introduces two romantic and healthy facial recipes. An organic chocolate-covered cherry facial is sensual and medicinal as cocoa can fight free radicals and cherries are a natural anti-inflammatory. He also offers an emerald and roses facial comprised of a green tea mask and rose petals. The tea can prevent wrinkles and the rose petals seal in moisture.

The show will also welcome actress and health guru Suzanne Somers. She will be sharing her recipe for her “Sexy Forever Smoothie.” Somers believes we should all fuel our body like a fancy car. Somers will also explain some of the romantic properties in her smoothie ingredients. A few teasers include the fact that raspberries help stimulate blood flow below the belt and that mango is high in vitamin E which is believed to help in the production of sex hormones.

The show promises to help any and all prepare for an extra special Valentines Day!

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