Shaun T. Joins Dr. Oz to Reveal Revolutionary Fitness Secrets

On Wednesday Dr. Oz will be welcoming fitness superstar Shaun T. to his stage. He’s being billed as the “man with the miracle plan to bring your body back.”

Shaun T., or Shaun Thompson, is the face and body behind Hip Hop Abs and Insanity. Both are at-home workouts that have been sold on DVD to millions. Shaun is going to reveal how he’s helped thousands of women get fit and back into their skinny clothes. Many before and after pictures and Insanity subscribers will be present during the show to prove his methods work.

Shaun will be letting us all in on the techniques behind the Insanity workouts that make them so effective. He claims that in just 15 minutes a day one can see a major transformation in their bodies. The workouts are a maximum interval training method, which is a method of exercising where one works out strenuously for 3-4 minutes and the rests for about 30 seconds before ramping up again. All of Shaun T.’s workouts can be done without a gym and in your own home. He states, “all you need is your body.”

Shaun will also be revealing his three revolutionary rules to burn fat all day long. He emphasizes that there are ways to keep burning fat even while you’re not working out. Dr. Oz and Shaun will cover some major dietary boosters to help people meet their weight loss and fitness goals.

Dr. Oz is a great advocate as he will explain how this type of workout has worked for he and his family. The show airs on Wednesday, February 15.

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