Sadie Lincoln Is the Trainer Behind Barre3 and Madonna’s Hot Bod

barre3 creatorSadie Lincoln gave up on a traditionally successful career at 24 Hour Fitness to start barre3 with her husband Chris Lincoln, but the leap of faith paid off as the program has gained much success.  The classes and at-home workouts have gained popularity and a loyal following across the country. Madonna loves barre3 workouts so much she reportedly flew Lincoln from Portland to New York for workout sessions.

Barre3 combines elements of ballet, yoga and Pilates to create a dynamic workout that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Classes utilize a number of props, including the ballet barre, straps and mats. They’re designed to tone the body, improve posture and relieve stress. Although it’s a full-body workout, it particularly emphasizes the core. “I love coming up with new and effective ways to work the core and improve posture,” says Lincoln.

Lincoln began teaching group fitness classes to support herself when she was a student at UCLA, and soon discovered it was her calling. She attended graduate school at the College of William & Mary, where she studied higher education administration and was awarded a Graduate Assistantship to develop and run a group fitness class. After college, she began working at 24 Hour Fitness, where she met her mentor Mark Mastrov, who would become one of the barre3 co-founders. She opened the first barre3 studio in Southeast Portland in 2008, and had gone on to sell studio 22 franchises in addition to created a DVD series.

Lincoln describes barre3 as “exactly what I wanted in a workout.” It promotes balance and strength, in addition to being fun. She works with a team to continue making innovations to the workouts, which means clients aren’t likely to get bored. She continues to teach classes at the flagship studio in Portland, and in her off-hours enjoys socializing with friends and clients, in addition to hanging out with her husband and two children.
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