Ruby Season 3 Premieres February 14

Image via The Style Network

Image via The Style Network

Ruby Season 3 premieres this Sunday, February 14 on the Style Network.

This season promises to have all of the heart, struggle and charm as the two previous seasons in addition to new breakthroughs and challenges as Ruby Gettinger continues on her transformative weight loss journey.

From purchasing her first pair of jeans in years to coming to grips with some very difficult personal questions and answers and from considering plastic surgery to deal with the loose skin from her weight loss, Ruby Season 3 will continue to inspire and motivate.

The season premiere finds Ruby in high spirits, but plagued by recurring nightmares. 

She turns to a new therapist Dr. Jane Weilenman, who not only helps her analyze the disturbing dreams, but also forces Ruby to confront the severity of her food addiction. Part of Ruby’s weight loss journey becomes participating in a 12-step recovery program for treatment per the recommendation of Dr. Weilenman. 

 As the season continues, Ruby starts to piece together the fragmented components of her childhood. Confident that the lost memories and her obesity are linked, Ruby hires a private investigator to find more clues to her mysterious past.  While researching Ruby’s early years, he tracks down her childhood physician who reveals a number of startling revelations.  

She continues her efforts to help others, mentoring a friend in the Plus Teen Pageant and supporting others as they grapple with their weight issues. In addition, the Style Network’s website will feature Ruby’s blog, never-before-seen videos, Ruby’s diet and fitness tips, a blog where you can communicate with Ruby and share in other weight loss stories and store, where you can purchase Ruby-inspired t-shirts, hats and much more.

Plus, will be recapping all of the season’s episodes so if you happen to miss one, we’ll fill you in on all of the details.

The new season of Ruby”premieres on Style beginning Sunday, February 14, at 8 PM ET/PT.

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