Practicing Yoga Offers Instant Gratification with Immediate Health Benefits

Instant gratification is attractive when it comes to fitness and weight loss. It is no surprise the diet and exercise equipment companies that flaunt quick results are the most successful at grabbing the attention and dollars of millions of consumers. There are people who don’t want to work very hard at getting fit or losing weight, and as a result they buy in to the latest pill or product that is going to make it easy, only to be let down and dissatisfied later.

However, I am a firm believer that with some things, a little bit can go a long way. In yoga for example, some benefits are felt instantly, and with little effort. While yoga is not necessarily the most efficient way to burn calories or increase cardiovascular stamina, it does indirectly improve overall health and wellbeing, and it doesn’t take much to notice results.

For those of you who are in need of some immediate benefits, you might be interested in learning about the following side effects you will notice instantly from practicing a little yoga.

Better Posture

In just a few short minutes after beginning your yoga practice you will instantly be standing up a little straighter. Yoga not only helps to decompress your spine and perfect your posture, it will make you look taller, leaner, and allow you to feel more empowered as a result.

Sharper Focus

Taking those first few big deep breaths at the start of your practice will refresh your mind, clear your thoughts and sharpen your focus so that stress, tension and anxiety can melt away. You will be amazed at how big of an impact a little deep breathing can instantly have on your mood and state of mind.

Reduction in Pain

Sitting all day in the car or at a desk is hard on your body. Leading a sedentary lifestyle can be very agonizing to your hips, low back and neck. Taking a few moments to stretch will do wonders for relieving nagging muscular discomfort. There is no need to touch your toes, do a full back bend, or stand on your head. Just stretch gently for five to ten minutes and say goodbye to bodily aches and pains.

Increased Motivation

Once you get over the hump of deciding to do a little yoga, you might actually feel inspired to keep going. When you notice the immediate benefits, your level of motivation will increase. The hardest part is to start. Once you begin, the rest will fall into place, instantly and with little effort.

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