Organic Weight Loss for Women

woman eating breakfastMuch is made in our society today about living in a green manner. An organic diet is one way of becoming a little more natural and establishing a healthy lifestyle.

The diet that stresses organic products for weight loss should interest women. When we can lose weight slowly and evenly, we can be assured of better results and more success and crash dieting is proven wrong, again. The organic path to dieting involves establishing a new way of eating and involves organic weight loss through natural selection of good foods.

For any food to be considered as organic, it must not be made with the use of anything artificial such as hormones, pesticides, herbicides or any form of genetic engineering. Any organic diet for women must include non-saturated fats that are lean and not overly processed. We have to be careful when we consider chicken and fish as each of these can be genetically engineered and should not be part of our diet. Free range chicken and freshly caught fish are considered organic. There are lean beef options available, so long as the animals have not been fed grains or other feed that has been raised with pesticides.

Whole fruits and vegetables can be organic as are whole grains, and legumes. Whole oats and oatmeal will provide a good source of fiber and complex carbohydrates. Eating organic does not mean that you cannot have cheese, meat products, or wine. According to governmental figures, we should limit our calories and make sure that less than thirty percent of our calories are obtained from fats.

There are several drawbacks to organic eating. One of the things that will be impacted is your wallet. Organic foods are more expensive and sometimes you have to go to several different stores in order to get what you need. The cost of gas being what it is must also be factored into the cost of organic foods. Another major problem that must be faced is being invited out for dinner and fearing that you will hurt the feelings of your host by being a picky eater. The best way around that problem is to rely on very small portions of whatever it is that you are eating.

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