Michelle Obama Works Out Jimmy Fallon at the White House [VIDEO]

Jimmy Fallon in spandex at the White House? Where’s Secret Service or a good watch dog when you need them?

The first lady continues a marathon promotion for her Let’s Move initiative’s second anniversary with an appearance tonight on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. In one of the grand rooms of the White House, Michelle challenges Jimmy to a field day-like competition. Only after he changes out of the spandex and in to proper workout attire.

After announcing at a press conference that the first lady would “be willing to make a complete fool of myself to get kids moving,” Jimmy wanted to take full advantage. However, as you’ll see in this clip from last night’s episode, Michelle more or less whips Jimmy at each competition. Who’s the fool now?

There was a push-up challenge where Michelle dominated with perfect form while Jimmy struggled to push through one. Jimmy won the hula hoop workout, and the tug-of-war, despite the fact that Michelle enlisted the help of Secret Service. Michelle nailed Jimmy square in the face during a one-on-one dodge ball game. The best part is Michelle’s climactic victory as she races through the finish line of a potato sack race. Maybe the best part is Secret Service’s giddy victory dance.

In the end, Jimmy concedes that it doesn’t matter who wins or loses as long as kids know they’re supposed to be active. Michelle didn’t agree, saying “It matters” as she walked away with a gold medal.

What is Let’s Move? In 2010, with her feet firmly planted on a children’s health platform, Michelle Obama launched Let’s Move, an agressive initiative to raise awareness for and fight the growing childhood obesity epidemic. Her goal, and that of Let’s Move, is to eliminate childhood obesity within a generation. Through education, awareness, and programs that help kids be more active and eat healthier food, they’re making a difference.

Just last week, Michelle was on a big media tour that took her to several talk shows, including Ellen where she worked out 40 kids with Tracey Mallett.

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