John Crutchfield’s Biggest Loser Elimination Interview

john afterWhile many thought the elimination of his twin brother, James Crutchfield, the first week on the ranch would be a hindrance to his performance, John Crutchfield actually used it to his advantage to push through to week five. He says as twins they pushed one another, but after James left and John had an emotional breakthrough with trainer Jillian Michaels, he was better able to focus on himself. He’s also glad the two didn’t have to compete against one another throughout the season.

His elimination was an emotional one, as John was considered one of the people who truly needed to be there, as his starting weight of 484 pounds made him one of the heaviest contestants this season. However, just as John persevered at the ranch without James, he’s now persevering at home without the ranch.

Hear our interview with John in which he talks about the importance of finding a fitness regimen that is “something fun that will last forever,” like his love for jiu jitsu, as well as how anymore he can’t even handle the taste of salt or sugar. Listen now, then continue learning about his journey.

Since leaving the ranch John is down more than 100 pounds, but he’s keeping a lid on the exact number, in part due to an unspoken competition between him and his twin brother. The two actually don’t workout together very often, due to geographic proximity as well as opposing interests at the gym (James prefers a traditional gym workout). However, that doesn’t keep them from being constant sources of support for one another.

james and john biggest loserThe other major support in John’s life is his wife, who is currently expecting their second child. He says she has typical pregnancy cravings, but he’s actually managing not to gain any sympathy weight and is really just looking forward to the baby’s arrival.

Part of that is the family as a whole has made a number of healthy swaps in their kitchen, making it easy to have fresh, nutritious food readily available at all times. For instance, Mrs. Dash seasonings have replaced salt and other seasonings in cooking. Smart Balance has replaced regular butter. They satisfy a sweet tooth with sugar-free and fat-free desserts, like John’s homemade pudding pie. He says they use an all-natural crust with sugar-free Jell-O pudding, skim milk and fat-free sugar-free Cool Whip, then let it set in the refrigerator for a delicious treat!

He’s even found a healthier swap for his biggest weakness of all – football and chicken wings. With the Super Bowl happening this weekend, John said he plans to have “about six” grilled lemon pepper chicken wings. (Try these healthy Super Bowl recipes from Biggest Loser’s Curtis Stone.)

When John isn’t pursuing his new passion for martial arts and jiu jitsu, you’ll find him on the elliptical machine at his office gym, which he prefers for a total body/cardio workout. When at home, he’ll use the treadmill. John says “I’m a big proponent of cardio in the morning, makes a big difference.”

For now, John’s overall focus is on “working toward maintenance,” as this process for him is so much bigger than the Biggest Loser prize, it’s a lifestyle change.

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