Interview with Biggest Loser’s Eliminated Contestants Carla and Joelle

With four votes against them, the Silver Team was eliminated from the Biggest Loser Ranch. Carla and Joelle may have been sent packing to their homes in Michigan, but both are in it for the long haul and ready to make some amazing changes.

Carla and Joelle were not able to attend the interview together, but you can hear them separately below.

Listen to Joelle’s interview now.

Listen to Carla’s interview now.

Carla is not only inspiring a nation by losing 20 pounds on her own after being sent home week one from a twist in the game, but also inspiring the important people in her life to make positive changes. With the support of her friends and family, Carla is finding the motivation everyday to wake up early, hit the gym with lots of cardio, eat right and continues to keep knocking the pounds off. Oh, and she’s knocking them out alright, Carla has a punching bag in her basement that she uses to knock the calories off one punch at a time!

Since being eliminated, Carla has picked up right where she left off and continues to move forward on her weight loss journey. She’s looking forward to making some jaws drop when she steps on stage at the finale. “As the shows heaviest woman ever, I want to come back to the finale and show America that I can do it.”

Carla’s teammate Joelle is also at home in Michigan moving forward. Joelle is using everything she learned on the ranch to make better choices and have a healthier lifestyle. While adjusting to home life, Joelle finds herself mixing it up in the gym a lot so she “isn’t getting bored” because we all know how tedious the treadmill can be! Joelle is loving her kickboxing, step and core strengthening classes and has even inspired friends to incorporate the incline training she learned from Bob Harper.

“It takes a village to create change,” says Joelle, and her village consists of personal trainers and the support of her family and friends. Not only is Joelle enjoying watching the pounds fall off, but really excited to be enjoying the more “feminine” things in life we sometimes take for granted. For instance, balancing in high heels and shopping through her own closet! Joelle is excited about the finale where she looks forward to shining and reaching her goal of being under 200 pounds. The Silver Team is on a mission and I think their success to this point speaks volumes.

8 Responses to Interview with Biggest Loser’s Eliminated Contestants Carla and Joelle

  1. Cassandra says:

    Thank god Joelle is gone. I listned to her interview on Channel 4 (nbc Detroit station). All she did was talk about her self and didnt take responability!

    Good job Carla! I am proud your from Detroit!

  2. Amy says:

    Thank gooness Joelle is gone. She totally didn’t deserve to be there for as long as she was. What don’t she get? I feel sorry for Carla because I think she’s got it in her and that she really wants it. I was shocked at how childish Joelle acted when they showed the “where are they now”. It’s like she’s just not on the same planet.
    All I got to say is, “Carla, You Go Girl!”

    Simpsonville SC

  3. Rosie says:

    WOW! That interview sounded like a totally different Joelle than the one at the Ranch. Congradulations to both Joelle and Carla on their continued weight loss journey!

  4. S says:

    Just wanted to say that Joelle has got to be the most SELFISH person I have EVER watched on the ranch! She never took responsibility for her LAZINESS. Being at the ranch is an experience of a lifetime and she treated it as if she was doing the show/Bob, etc a favor for being there. Please… If you apply, get accepted on the show, are there at the ranch with a trainer – then DO EXACTLY what the trainer tells you to do. Push yourself, dont just walk around and try to waste time like Joelle did.

    Carla, girl you busted your butt everyday and we are all so proud of you. Sorry you got stuck with such a lazy, selfish and arogant partner that not only didn’t care about herself, but didnt care about your well being either. Keep up the good work and make us proud in the finale!

    Good luck!

  5. Smcguire says:

    OK, so what happened to the rest of Joelle’s interview??? I think she ended up getting a raw deal… I hope she proves everyone wrong when she gets to the finale.

  6. Kristine says:

    Carla– YOU GO GIRL!!! What an inspiration you are. I can’t believe what a troll Joelle is. She isnt as big of a as Vicki was in season 6– but close. Carla, now you know what kind of person Joelle is and you deserve to have friends who have your back and really care about you. I was so sorry to see you go Carla. You deserved to be at the ranch. I know you can do this though! You have what it takes to loose the weight. I will be praying for you!

  7. webgoddess says:

    Joelle didn’t fit in very well in the show, but I have no anger towards her. Her weight loss journey is still inspiring and I’m happy that she’s able to focus on losing weight at home even if she wasn’t able to do so on the ranch. I’m really impressed by Carla’s commitment. In all she was only able to be on the show for two weeks, and to have Bob come over to her house for a couple days. Other than some “basic training” she’s had to do everything on her own. Sounds like she’s losing tons of weight. I really wish her the best. She could have potentially won the competition had she been able to stay at the ranch, but maybe she’ll win the at-home prize. Arguably she’s more inspirational than many of the people still on the show this season because she’s been able to get into shape at home, which shows people that it can be done. Although, people like Colleen, Bernie, and Michelle have certainly motivated me to get into shape, and I was able to lose 20 lbs in about 5 weeks at home. Since losing 20 lbs I haven’t been exercising as vigorously recently but I’m still losing about a pound a week through improved eating habits, and have lost in total about 30 lbs in the last four or five months.

  8. carla stine says:

    My name is Carla too and I just want to say that I wish I’d known about
    rice cakes before…that 10 0r 15 lbs was just hangin’ around, but now I don’t experience those cravings for sweets…now, it’s like there’s just
    11 more lbs to go, and the best part is, no pain, and NO gain!

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