Guiltlessly Indulge in Your Senses

Our bodies respond to sensory input and enable us to experience enticing, sensual pleasure that can sometimes be hard to resist. If this brings up an image from a page in the Kama Sutra, fear not. Enjoying your senses is neither just about sex, nor does it require a lover.

The following are a few examples of how you can indulge in your senses so you may experience gratifying and unbelievable pleasure without feeling guilty. Because we all interpret our senses differently, experiences may vary from person to person.

Sense of Sound

One single sound can affect our mood and create a visceral reaction that reverberates through our bodies. For those who are hearing impaired, it is possible to feel sound. Sensing the vibration of your own heartbeat or feeling the rumbling tremors of a thunderstorm are ways you can enjoy the tingling pleasures of sound within your body.

Sense of Sight

The image that comes to mind is always a beautiful sunrise. Dripping with color, morning shades of light are awe-inspiring. Visions of beauty soothe the soul, but what we see without our eyes can have a much bigger impact on our pleasure centers. When we see or envision something awesome, our bodies awaken, our heart races and our skin flushes with excitement.

Sense of Smell

Pheromones, scented oils and aromatic cuisines have a major affect on the body. Just smell a lemon and notice your mouth begin to water. The pleasure that our sense of smell can bring us is endless. It is what attracts us to a lover, what enables us to enjoy food and what can spark distant memories. It is no wonder the old adage “stop and smell the roses” is so popular. Scent induces pleasure and it is often overlooked as a way to feel good.

Sense of Taste

This sense can be abused, therefore it is important to savor your sense of taste, in moderation. Mouth watering flavor is undeniably pleasurable. The key is to take it slow, don’t over do it and appreciate the subtleties of every delectable bite.

Sense of Touch

We all can touch or be touched by a hug, a massage or some passionate lovemaking, but most importantly, we can all be touched at the heart. A compliment, a poem, or a love letter can all touch us. A nice gesture, an unexpected favor, or a visit from a friend, are all very touching. Resist the temptation to limit your sense of touch just through your skin, and let your heart be touched as well.

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