Five Active Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Want to make Valentine’s Day a day to remember? Why not try one of these active ways to spend the holiday with your honey? Burning calories together means you can indulge a little without guilt, and the added benefit of additional together-time cannot be underestimated.

Here are five terrific ways to skip the traditional and tired “dinner and a movie” that doesn’t help you spend time enjoying both each other’s company as well as gives you the exercise you both need.

  • Take your honey and find a rock climbing gym. An hour of climbing can burn up to 500 calories and the reality of the fact that you need to rely on your partner can be tremendously romantic.
  • Take a hike with your partner, with bonus points if your hike takes you off the beaten path. Cross country hiking can burn as many as 350 calories.
  • Roller skating can be a fun reminder of your childhood, and this time you have someone with whom to couples skate! An hour of roller skating can burn 400 calories.
  • Take a walk at night- weather permitting, of course. Star gazing can lead to some great discussions.
  • Enjoy a couples yoga class. To continue the pampering, why not schedule a couples massage after? Exercise plus pampering can make for a great evening.

Don’t forget that the “traditional” ways of celebrating can be beneficial to your heart as well. After all, couples who exercise together have more sex, so use this Valentine’s Day to spice up both your exercise and your sex life!

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