Emotional Breakthroughs and a Closed Gym on Biggest Loser Season 11 Episode 7 Recap

Two members of the red team have gone home two weeks in a row.  At this point, they must be feeling the pressure mounting. Losing one weigh in, let alone two in a row, can definitely put a gloom on your situation. Can the red team stop their losing streak? Also, will Arthur be able to shake that target off his back, even as he tries to rationalize his decision to his father?

This week’s pop challenge really makes the teams work in unison. They are tied together by a single rope that is tied in knots. The first team to do it gets a key. The only key. To the gym for the entire week. This puts the other team at a severe disadvantage. The red team, with Cowboy Justin, win this challenge quite easily. Bob and Jillian are none too happy with this, but they know it’s just something they have to deal with. Meanwhile, on the red team, it seems like Rulon‘s head is just not in it, almost as though he is holding something back.

The regular challenge for the week involves another great prize as well. The winning team gets to block one person’s weight from the other team from counting at the next weigh in, all they have to do is push a 24 ton train 800 feet. The catch? They must answer questions about food by throwing the corresponding 50 pound bag off the train. It seems both teams get confused with the answers, but the red team pushed the train a lot faster. All they had to do was answer one question right in order to win. And that was all they did, enough for the win! We will not find out what their decision is until the weigh in.

I’m glad to see that more people are having breakthroughs this week. That’s what this show and experience is all about.  Rulon finally opens up and shares what has been going on in his life for the last six years. Hopefully this will help him going forward. Arthur has had trouble pushing himself and finding that confidence to really get going, so Jillian has him push her truck, like they did day 1, except now it is by himself. And you know what? He does it with a smile on his face.

Another exciting weigh in unfolds.  here are some pretty good numbers on the red team, considering it is 7 weeks in already, with Rulon and Ken leading the pack with 11 pounds each. They put up a total of 63 pounds, and then oddly choose Irene‘s weight to block. The black team follows up with some decent numbers as well, with only Arthur remaining. We all saw how everyone pushed him this week. Is it enough? Absolutely!!! He goes and drops a 20!!! Now if that is not a breakthrough, I don’t know what would constitute one!

Unfortunately for the red team, their losing streak continues for the third week in a row and they must send another person home. They honor Jay‘s wish to send him home rather than his daughter Jen. I am happy to see that Jay is down to 289 pounds and according to Dr. H, he has hit the health lottery: His real age has gone down from 71 to 64, and his chance of stroke, heart attack, and diabetes has gone down astronomically.

Breakthroughs are what you go through this show for. You go to really find yourself and show who you really are. The experience for me opened my eyes and showed me what I was missing in life. I had been lying to myself for years, much in the same way Rulon had. I was able to shed not only the physical weight, but the tremendous emotional weight I had been carrying for years. From the bottom of my heart, I am elated to see more people having the realizations I had on the ranch.  No one should have to go through that for a minute longer than they have to. I hope next week brings more exciting breakthroughs and moments that each and every one of these people deserve. Tune in next Tuesday at 8/7c on NBC!

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