Domino’s Pizza Employee Saves Woman’s Life

Domino's LogoOnce in awhile, it’s nice to hear about a fast food restaurant doing some good in the world.

Gene Wilson of Memphis, Tennessee was actually saved by her habit of ordering a pizza from Domino’s every day. The 82-year-old woman was well known to the staff of the local pizza chain, from whom she ordered a large thin-crust pepperoni pizza and two Diet Cokes. She placed this same order every day for three years.

When Gene’s order didn’t come in over the weekend, her regular delivery driver, Susan Guy, began to worry. “I said, ‘She hasn’t called in three days…I gotta go,’ ” Susan told Today. Susan discovered that Gene had taken a bad fall and had been unable to call for help. As soon as she was discovered, emergency workers rushed Gene to the hospital. “So, she’s just been laying there since Saturday,” said Susan. “That means she hasn’t eaten or anything.”

Happily, doctors say that Gene will make a full recovery. Although we can’t recommend eating a large pizza everyday, this story does show how a community can be build around food.

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