Coleen’s Biggest Loser Episode 7-7 Recap

Tonight on the Biggest Loser, Ali surprised the contestants with yet another pop challenge. This weeks pop challenge had the contestants searching for the keys to success. Among 130 keys pinned to a board at the top of the hill were the only two keys to the gym. Since there were only two keys, this mean that only those two people had access to the gym this week. No key meant no gym, so the contestants were off hiking up and down the hill over and over again until finally the pink team found one that fit the lock and the brown team with “lucky try number 9”. The brown and pink teams will have the gym all to themselves this week.

This weeks challenge had the contestants on a rowing rampage! Everyone had their own rowing machine where Ali instructed them to row fast enough to keep the light behind lit green. If you’re light went red, you were out. It came down to green and black in the fight for immunity. Dane can sit tight for one more week with immunity in his hands.

Usually I don’t make a point to discuss last chance workouts because by now, after seven seasons, we know they’re grueling. This week, oh my gosh, it made me wanna get a piece of driftwood and start doing walking lunges. Bob and Jillian had their working out outdoors. No gym thanks to Ali’s pop challenge. Bob took his team to the beach and Jill had hers working out with fixings from around the house.

This weeks weigh-in proved that you don’t need a gym to lose weight. Again one team will be up for elimination and one person will head home. Tonight the 9 pounds lost by the pink team was not enough to keep them safe. Shanon was eliminated but in her follow up video it looks like she’s doing great. After getting a plan together, Shanon is training to be in the roller derby, where her derby name is “Flower Power” and has lost 85 pounds and counting.

3 Responses to Coleen’s Biggest Loser Episode 7-7 Recap

  1. tony says:

    no no not shannon:(

  2. Kim says:

    I think it bites that shannon went home and I’m not convinced she wanted to; what I think was more true was that Helen wanted to stay and Shanon wanted to please her mom.

  3. Michelle says:

    I agree with you Kim. I think that she was sorry that she had said that she wanted to go home once the votes started to come in with her name on them and she realized that she really WAS going home.
    I think that Helen should have made her stay there since Shanon went home once already

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