Coleen’s Biggest Loser Episode 7-6 Recap

Nothing like a surprise visit from Alison Sweeney! In the Biggest Loser house it can only mean a few things… challenge, temptation or weigh-in! In this case, it was time for a “pop challenge.” Alison brought the teams outside by the pool where they found team colored blocks set up. She informed them that their task at hand was to be the “last person standing.” Standing like a flamingo that is. The object of the game was to prove your balance and mental stability by staying up on one foot. With the chance to reconnect with a loved one for 24 hours at stake, the contestants concentrated hard. That is until Tara lost her balance and fell forward into the pool! It came down to Filipe, Blaine and the yellow team. Filipe steps off for Mandi’s sake and Blaine the same. Mandi wins the pop challenge and will be able to spend some long awaited time with her husband and sons.

This week during the challenge the contestants were not only battling each other, but the cold. Immunity is up for the team that holds their bar up the longest. The battle during this challenge goes from a test of strength to a fight to stay focused. Losing focus could mean knocking your team out of the game as the blue team found out early on. After several hours in the cold, the purple team and green team found themselves going head to head once again for immunity. The ability to stay focused and work together as a team wins the purple team immunity.

Alison tells the teams that this week only one team is falling below the yellow line and it will be up to everyone in the house to vote off one of the teammates. Thank goodness for immunity to keep the purple team safe because Kristen had a shock when she stepped on the scale to see a +2. Without immunity, this could have meant trouble for the duo. Unfortunately for the black team, 9 pounds combined was not enough to save them from the elimination room. After a heated discussion on who to eliminate, Dane or Blaine, the teams respect Blaine’s wish and send him home. Blaine is continuing to lose at home and has plans to run an Iron Man Triathlon before returning for the finale in May.

2 Responses to Coleen’s Biggest Loser Episode 7-6 Recap

  1. Retrogirl says:

    You look AMAZING! Just wanted to say you’re such a huge inspiration to me! You were one of my favorite contestants on TBL. I could really identify with you especially when you had to try to battle your fear of heights with one of the challenges. You’ve done a fabulous job with taking control of your health and your life and really inspire so many people to work hard, and be the best they can be. Thank you for that!

  2. Robin says:

    This episode was filled with shocks (the weight gain). Tara going into the pool head first was interesting, but better in the pool and face first into concrete! I was sad to see Blaine go home, but was happy that the majority of the group respected his wishes.

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