Bob Harper Launches Smart Success Dietary Supplements

Bob Harper, who has been inspiring America as a TV trainer and author from NBC’s hit show The Biggest Loser since 2004, recently announced the launch of his newest endeavor, Bob Harper’s Smart Success. This line of weight loss products includes Bob Harper’s Smart Weight Loss Dietary Supplement, Bob Harper’s Smart Weight Loss Starter Kit and Bob Harper’s Smart 7-Day Cleanse.

The Smart Weight Loss Starter Kit includes a daytime formula, which contains naturally sourced caffeine to provide increased energy during the day, and an evening formula, which is caffeine-free.  The kit also includes a DVD of Harper offering diet and motivational tips and a 30-minute smart workout.  Additional products include Bob Harper’s Smart Weight Loss, a weight loss formula, and Bob Harper’s Smart 7-Day Cleanse,  a dietary formula made with Senna and meant to “gently flush the system of digestive waste.”

“I have helped motivate people for over 20 years by showing them how to enhance their lives by providing the tools and knowledge to make it happen through healthy diet and an active lifestyle,” said Harper in an email. “I wanted to give people another way to succeed at achieving their goal weight.”

Though approximately 14 million Americans report taking dietary supplements, numerous nutrition and medical professionals caution against any product that promises a quick fix as opposed to adapting a lifestyle that includes healthy diet and regular exercise.

While Harper said that he remained devoted to a healthy lifestyle throughout product development, dietary supplements can give people the extra boost to succeed. Before a person begins  any regimen of supplements, it is important to meet with a nutritionist or healthcare provider to determine if you can achieve your goals naturally or if a supplement would be beneficial.

Though some experts recommend that people “jump start” their diets with a dietary cleanse or supplement, some physicians are concerned that supplements are more popular than ever, as a lack of government regulation allows many brands to make fantastic claims of health benefits with no substantial evidence. Even the Mayo Clinic, a worldwide leader in medical care,  recommends that people obtain all vitamins and nutrients from eating a balanced diet of fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, supplemented by a multivitamin to supplement, but not replace, nutritious food.

While the Smart Success line appeals to gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and vegetarian dieters, Bob Harper declined to comment on whether or not he would recommend his supplements to the Biggest Loser contestants that he trains.

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