Bethany Hamilton Makes Guest Appearance on The Biggest Loser

Biggest Loser Trainers with Sufer Bethany HamiltonThe Biggest Loser is setting out to prove that you can actually lose weight on vacation in a March 20th episode. The episode will star professional surfer Bethany Hamilton, who has overcome incredible challenges to be the athlete she is today. Hamilton will be teaching the eight remaining contestants how to surf.

However, the timing of the announcement seems much more noteworthy than the announcement itself. The Biggest Loser regularly features professional athletes. However, last week’s episode left viewers stirred up as contents found plenty of excuses to complain. Moreover, we confirmed a rumor contestants walked off the set, potentially jeopardizing the rest of season. So, it seems that the announcement made has as much to do with reassuring viewers as it does about teasing an upcoming guest.

The contestants will be traveling to Hawaii to meet Hamilton, and will face a themed challenge involving tikis and leis, in addition to catching some waves. “It was so much fun to take eight contestants and the trainers from The Biggest Loser surfing!” said Hamilton. “To know that they have come so far in their adventure to better health, and see the pure smile and stoke to be surfing was really a blessing to me! It was very inspiring!” Will the shark attack survivor be able to show these contestants the meaning of “No Excuses” once and for all?

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