Ben & Jerry’s Greek FroYo Gets Their Scoop of the Greek Yogurt Market

By Arleigh Aldrich

Ben and Jerry’s has been a favorite of the frozen treat aisle for years now, and they’re an environmentally, socially and economically aware company to boot. Just when you didn’t think you could love them any more the ice cream company becomes more aware of our waist lines. Next week they roll out their new line of Greek Frozen Yogurts.

Now you can enjoy your favorite comfort food with a clear conscience in Banana Peanut Butter, Raspberry Fudge Chunk, Strawberry Shortcake, Blackberry Vanilla Graham Cracker, Vanilla and Strawberry Shortcake. This is no doubt a delicious frozen spin on the Greek yogurt phenomena.

Greek yogurt has started gaining popularity (not pounds!) in the USA as a low-fat, lower calorie alternative to traditional yogurt. With traditional yogurt, the fat content might be low while the sugar content is high, particularly in fruitier flavors. Greek yogurt can get you twice as much protein on top of all the benefits regular yogurt has, without all the sugar.

One of our favorite ways to eat Greek yogurt is to freeze it and then enjoy! It’s an easy way to feel like you’re eating ice cream, but not. Ben and Jerry’s just made it a little easier, now that it’s available in the frozen section. The appeal for this food-of-the-moment just went through the roof!

We haven’t had a chance to look at the nutrition labels, so we’ll keep you posted on whether or not you should stick to the make-your-own frozen Greek Yogurt, or if this is a healthy alternative!

The first wave of Greek FroYo is expected to hit stores nationwide sometime next week.

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