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What is it?

Bathmate is a penis enlargement pump designed to be used in the water. The makers of Bathmate claim this product will increase the length and girth of the flaccid penis.

Bathmate uses the power of water, rather than air to create a vacuum effect that stimulates blood flow to the genital area. Bathmate also claims it will “learn your penis biology” in order to help build a stronger, healthier penis.

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Bathmate Side Effects

Bathmate is a penis enlarging pump, meaning there may be some risks associated with its use. The pump works by creating a vacuum, which expands the skin. The manufacturers recommend using this product for 15 minutes per day, over a period spanning several months. The idea is, that you are working out your penis, like any other muscle, and that the results are cumulative, but disappear should you cease doing the exercises.

  • Side effects associated with Bathmate may include bruising or pain in the penis, especially if the device isn’t used as per the instructions.
  • Trapped semen may occur, meaning, if you feel like semen isn’t coming out when you ejaculate, ejaculation feels painful.
  • Pumping may also cause erections that don’t feel natural, or cause the erection to be weaker or feel sort of “off.” Additionally, the erect penis may rotate or have an altered movement.

Men with bleeding conditions or sickle cell anemia should avoid using any sort of penis pump.

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Bathmate Quality

Because this product is topical, there isn’t too much of a risk for adverse reactions, as compared to male enhancement supplements or drugs, however, there is a small risk of injury with this device.

In reviewing the quality of Bathmate, there weren’t too many reports of injury or side effects with use. If anything, people reported slight pain stemming from the pumping action, as well as feeling as though semen was trapped in the head of the penis.

A few people did report issues with the suction wearing off over time, but the Bathmate is covered by warranty if purchased on the official webpage.

Based on the information we know about Bathmate, it seems that it may be effective for some people, though it’s not entirely clear how long the benefits last should the user take a break from the daily pumping routine.

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The Price and Quality of Bathmate

Bathmate is sold in by a number of authorized retailers selling Bathmate and Hydropump (another line of penis-enlarging pumps) products. Depending on the size, and where you purchase the product from, Bathmate ranges in price from $110-$160 per pump.

While this may seem expensive initially, the official website says Bathmate comes with a two-year warranty should you register the product with the manufacturer, which covers you in the event anything happens to the pump.

In terms of quality, Bathmate seems to be on par with other penis enlarging devices. Users may see some results, but there is a big time commitment involved before you really start to see any meaningful results.

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Business of Bathmate

The name of the company that sells Bathmate is known as DX Products LTD, a UK-based company. Their contact information is as follows:

Phone: +44 (0) 800 808 5594

Address: Unit 1
Horbury Junction Industrial Estate
Calder Vale Rd

The official Bathmate website is pretty modern looking, showcasing the various incarnations of the Bathmate, in all the various sizes and models, as well as some insight into how the device works. The site also offers some other products, like personal lubricants, as well as rings designed to enhance the Bathmate process and prevent semen from getting trapped.

The site offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, as well as a two-year warranty on registered devices, which makes the price point more justifiable.

DX Products does sell Bathmate directly from the site (it is called, but there are a few authorized sellers of the same products based in the United States, should you prefer to bypass any issues with international shipping (wait time, returns, etc.).

Overall, there don’t seem to be any issues with the product, or major problems surrounding billing, shipping or customer service issues.

Customer Opinions of Bathmate

Based on the customer reviews we found for this product, Bathmate, a lot of people were really pleased with the results, though they acknowledged that this product was a bit inconvenient, requiring a level of daily commitment for best results. Here’s a look at what consumers had to say:

“My issue with the Bathmate is, after 2-3 pumps, I feel like I’m going to cum, which bothers me quite a bit, as it forces me to release the pump and wait for a while and start over. Sometimes, I just ejaculate right away.”

“I’ve been using this product for a few months now, and I’m pump really hard for about 30 min, 5 times a week. It’s a commitment to be sure. I’ve seen about an inch of growth and my girth has improved, too.”

“I’ve used it every day for two months now. I don’t know, right after pumping it seems to be a bit bigger, but as the day wears on I can’t tell. Erect, I haven’t changed at all, but my flaccid penis might be slightly bigger.”

“This is a great pump. Pretty easy to use, and it feels pretty good too. I feel like the blood is coming back to my penis, and I’ve noticed some increases in size. You do have to use this on a regular basis to see any results, though.”

Reviews for Bathmate were mostly positive, though most people didn’t report any major changes, it’s all very gradual. The people who tried this did seem to be dedicated to the size gains, and stuck to the routine as per the manufacturer directions.

One user mentioned that using the pump made them feel as though they were about to ejaculate, which was seen as a negative. A few other users cited some moderate pain that came along with use, which may discourage some users from trying this product.

Overall, it seems there are other products that can revamp one’s sex life much better than Bathmate, and we’d recommend looking at supplements or prescription medication as a more reliable alternative.

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How Does Bathmate Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Fast Results
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Bathmate
  • 37/100
Conclusion – Does Bathmate Work?

Based on the information outlined above, Bathmate may be a good solution for people looking for a larger penis, and are willing to put in the time to make it happen.

Upon looking over customer reviews and the literature on the Bathmate website, it seems people really like this product, and claim to have seen some gains in size — both length and girth.

It’s worth mentioning, there are some risks that go along with using a penis pump — skin may be irritated, or you may experience some pain or bruising. Because applying a vacuum to the penis rushes blood to the area, men with sickle cell anemia or a blooding disorder should not use this product.

Additionally, sometimes people experience erections that don’t feel quite natural after pumping — for example, the penis may feel less firm than a typical erection would without any pumping, or it may move or rotate in a way that feels unnatural.

Additionally, there doesn’t seem to be any indication that the Bathmate pump provides any sexual benefit aside from the confidence that comes along with the increased size. It’s likely consumers are aware of this, but it’s worth mentioning regardless.

Ultimately, whether Bathmate is effective depends on the person using the device. It requires a certain attention to detail, and long term commitment to a routine, which for some may simply not be worth that extra inch or two. Plus, if you find that it does have the unfortunate side effect of making erections feel awkward, there isn’t much of a sexual benefit to a slight improvement in size.

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